Began his career in law enforcement as a security officer at a major trauma hospital just north of Boston. During that time, he received an Associate’s Degree in Business Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. Quickly, he transitioned from a security officer to a law enforcement officer working for a major law enforcement agency in Massachusetts. He retired in 2014 to begin HPS.

Jason has played many different roles in law enforcement, most notably as a Detective/Sergeant assigned to several multi-jurisdictional task forces. Also a master trainer certified to teach police officers in the state of MA, Jason has logged over one thousand hours of specialized training in his career. He is also a member of the National Narcotic Officers Association, National Tactical Officers Association and a member of the Police Mountain Bike Patrol Officers Association.

Now as an owner of Hunter Protective Services, Jason has made a commitment to be a “hands on” type of manager by staying extremely proactive within the business. His approach to hiring and training new officers is perceived as second to none in the industry.

“Training security officers is a serious task. I take pride in being able to offer our clients some of the most highly trained, skilled, presentable security officers that Massachusetts has to offer.”

Jason believes clients require two things. Immediate and direct access to management and simply, a good quality officer. These are two needs Hunter Protective Services can meet with ease.

With a roll up your sleeves and get in the game type of philosophy, Jason is not an owner you’ll find sitting behind a desk, a rare quality to find today. Instead he utilizes his law enforcement experience, as well as his experience as a security officer and supervisor to perceive clients better then most. Allowing him to truly understand what a client needs.

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